BECOMING is Michelle Obama’s memoir that follows her journey from Southside in Chicago to the White House.  This is the first book I picked to read in January 2019 and I will soon tell you why this has been an incredible decision.

Michelle Obama is a global icon, who actively advocates a myriad of topics/issues that young women like us can relate to. Women’s education, health, fitness, racism, to name a few. I have admiringly watched her give inspiring talks during her time as FLOTUS and afterward. On many occasions, I have shared excerpts of her talks on my social media pages.

I remember being ecstatic about her impending book release. After the book release in Nov. 2018, I kept a close watch on the reviews. I prefer to go through reviews of the books before deciding to read them. I consider reading an investment of time and energy and it is too precious to be wasted on bad books. It came as no surprise that Becoming by Michelle Obama was highly rated.

What did I expect from the book? An inspiring political memoir of the former first lady of the United States. What was the book actually about? Michelle Obama’s life from her childhood tracing her journey towards achieving her personal goals, her relationship with Barack Obama, motherhood & work-life balance, Political campaigning & overview of American politics, Life at the White House and life afterward. More than any of this, this book does a great deal in normalizing the life of a celebrity.

I found it very enticing to read the journey of an ambitious girl from a humble background, who is fully aware and in acceptance of the odds of belonging to a particular ethnicity and economic class (which is basically all of us) striving towards the greater good for herself and the society at large. I am foraying into motherhood soon and Michelle has an excellent take on motherhood and work-life balance.

Her struggles and stories were inspiring to read. As I went through the pages of this book I realized that there is a “Michelle” inside all of us. This is our story. We could do everything she did with the same amount of vigor and valor if our passion is as deep-rooted.

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