My best half in low poly


This is a post dedicated to my husband. I decided to make him the subject of my art attempt. He has been the best subject so far.

So here’s my attempt at low poly art! Let me know what do you think!

Here’s the original photograph I based my art on


This is a shot from our wedding and he looks so happy!








Wakanda Inspired


I live with my husband in Atlanta. We watched Black Panther on the first Sunday after the release. I’ve had all kinds of movie experiences in India from people dancing to throwing sticks and stones at the screen, But never have I ever seen a theatre full of people that looked as enchanting as the visuals of the movie.

As you all might already know, this movie garnered a lot of support from the African community. In Atlanta, people from the black community flocked the theatres in large groups to catch the screening of the movie. And Boy! they had all adorned colorful headwraps, traditional African attires, prints, jewelry, and face art. While I enjoyed watching the movie, I was a little upset that I had to return home that day without taking a picture of the theatre (i always go click click click)

This whole incident inspired me to work on a piece that is inspired by the African women and their headwrap. It also inspired to go to Etsy and shop for African fashion 😛

Wakanda 1-01

Wakanda 3-01


Hope you like this. Do you have any art-ideas to share? Let me know in the comments section below!


Illustration 101


Mia is my one and half year old, beagle mix rescue puppy. She is currently the love of my life and the center of my attention. Those of you who know me well and follow me on Instagram must’ve figured out how obsessed I am with her and how I cannot seem to stop myself from clicking and posting her pictures.

As some of you might already know, I am making my baby steps into illustration/ Art-direction etc. Planning to attend art school in the fall of 2018, Applications have been submitted (finger’s crossed).

Here is an attempt at illustrating my favorite subject! MIA!

I started off by tracing

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 12.35.26 AM

Trial and error in shading and giving a structure to the illustration

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 12.35.46 AM

Once the overall structure was done, I worked on the details… whiskers, shadows, etcetera… and arrived at this!

Mia 2-01

Here is a comparison shot


and here are my other renditions

Mia 6-01

Mia 5-01

Mia 4-01

Mia 3-01

Do you like it? Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome.

And here’s a task for you and me! COMMENT BELOW if you want me to attempt illustrating your image!







2018 Reading Project


I started 2018 with the resolution to read as many books are possible. Usually, all my new year resolutions go down the drain in two-three weeks. But, surprisingly, this one has been on track and god no! I am not forcing it. It has been a fabulous journey so far and I find myself reading quicker and wanting to read more and more at the end of each book.

In this post, I intend to share with you some of the books that I have read this year and a few books that are on my reading list.

Let me begin with the books I finished reading in 2018

Turtles All the Way Down

by John Green

Turtles all the way down

This new young adult fiction by john green is a must read if you’re a fan of stories that take you on an emotional ride. I definitely see this being made into a movie

The Perfect Nanny/ Lullaby

by Leila Slimani 


This book is an absolute thriller. The story is about new parents Myriam and Paul who entrusts their children with the perfect nanny Louise when Myriam a former stay at home mother decides to go back to work. With time the couple gets more invested on the nanny to take care of the children and soon tension, jealousy, resentment starts to mount leading to a series of unfortunate events. This book, often described as the Gone girl of the UK is a must read if you are into thrillers.

Little fires everywhere

by Celeste Ng


This was was a recommendation from the Resse Witherspoon’s book club X hello sunshine.  This book is an intertwined storyline about a few mothers and their children. The central character is Mia (a single mother) and her daughter Pearl, the book follows their story as they move into a new town to settle down and put an end to their otherwise vagabond life. Once in town, the story explores their social circle in the new town and a crisis that has the community taking sides.

Following the success of Big little lies with Nicole Kidman, Resse Witherspoon has tied up with Kerry Washington to star in and produce a limited edition TV series based on this book! Read it before you see it on TV!

Moving on to the book I am currently reading

A Man called Ove 

by Fredrik Backman

A man called ove

I love going on booksplorations. I go around looking for bookstores, dish out books with attractive cover designs and read a couple of pages to see if I like it. I visit a bookstore at least twice a week and spend about 1-2 hours in the store doing this. I buy only if I am certain that I like it.

A Man Called Ove is one such find. I instantly fell in love with the cover art, read a few pages and couldn’t put it down. This book is about a Curmudgeon. I could instantly relate to this since I have curmudgeons in my life and yes, its hard to love them if once you do, you do!


by Malayattoor Ramakrishnan 


Reading this book is a desperate attempt to re-establish my relationship with my mother tongue Malayalam. This book was recommended by my father who says it is a classic and was made into a movie starring Sathyan and Sharada in 1968.

Ivory Throne

by Manu S Pillai


When you hail from a certain place, you ought to know its history. This book is a very well researched comprehensive history of the Travancore kingdom. A must-read for all those who’re interested in history. This for me is more of a reading project. I find myself reading the book, googling pictures and reading more online about the incidents mentioned in the book. Loving every bit of it!

The Emperor of all Maladies

by Siddhartha Mukherjee


I remember having a very brief ambition to become an oncologist when this malady took my grandfather away from me before I could get to know him. The ambition died a very early death due to my profound incompetence in the subject of science, but the curiosity to know more about this remained. This book brought all the information I have sought about cancer under the same roof.  My thoughts after reading a hundred pages of this book were “cancer is probably not a malady, it’s a raging monster”. I am certain you’ll feel the same too. Read up!

and finally, here are a few books that are on my reading list.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


PS: Do you have any book reccommendations for me? Please let me know in the comments below!

First Christmas

Photography, Travel

Memories of the first Christmas in the United States of America is something I will carry with me all through my life. I don’t think any amount of words or phrases can describe the visual glory that it is. Every street, every hangout, every store and most of the homes (even non-christian) are spruced up with Christmas decor. Every patio is lit. White and red are the colors of the season. I remember trying to fish out all the whites and reds in my closet to wear during Christmas outings. Because voluntarily or involuntarily you end up embracing the emotion that Christmas is.

Here are all the beautiful christmas trees I got to see this Christmas season.


















Concrete cobweb

Before-After, Photography

This is a picture of a humongous spider cobweb that some people mistake for a glass dome. The picture was taken at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson airport. Here are my artboard renditions of the picture.

Original Photograph (shot on iPhone 7)


Edited Photograph (edited on Adobe Lightroom Classic CC)


and here are the comparison views

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 12.16.32 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 12.16.50 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 12.17.09 AM

I am desperately trying to improve my editing skills. If you have any content that would be of help, please send it across and I will be eternally grateful.


Cafe for the soul

Photography, Travel

Some cafes cater to your need for food, some cafes cater to your need for socialization and some cater to your need for amazing Instagram pictures. How often do you go to a cafe to feed your soul?


If you live in a city, you would be consciously aware of all the cafes that sprout in your locality and the numbers are huge. What does it take to stand out from the crowd? and how far would you go to break away from clutter? ‘Echoes’ in Koramangala, Bengaluru, in my opinion, does a lot to stay unique.

For starters…


(Text: Sign Language Spoken here… Mind it)

The cafe is operated by deaf and mute.


I cannot attempt to describe what is more interesting, whether it is the fact that the cafe is operated by differently abled or how hassle-free and effective are the operations.

Here is a walkthrough of their completely admirable operations…

STEP 1: Ring the bell for service


Step 2: Write down your order (clearly). Check and re-check.


Step 3: Tadaaaaa


They serve authentic filter coffee in a ‘matka‘ and that is not sweetened to death.

Step 4: Chill out, read all the amazing quotes on the walls and to talk to the staff in sign language.


Step 5.1: If you are ready for more…


Step 5.2: and if you are done…


How cool is this? This is my first time in such a cafe and I was blown by the meticulous attention to service.

Here is a picture of the wonderful, happy, courteous and confident staff


I would go back and spend some time here every time I go to Bengaluru and I recommend all my friends in Bengaluru to do the same!


Experiments on the artboard

Before-After, Photography

I am a huge fan of all the Adobe software. Until yesterday I used photoshop to edit all my pictures. Adobe Lightroom is my new discovery. I might be a little late in discovering this, in fact, this ain’t even a discovery, however, I can’t help but flaunt my love for the software.

Most of my candid shots lack the ideal light exposure and this software works great for fixing this.

Here is the photograph of adorable 80-year-old grandmother. This picture was shot on iPhone 7.


here is the Edited Photograph


and here is a comparison of the both…




The Mayan voyage

Photography, Travel

Have you ever stood at a place, closed your eyes and tried to imagine what the particular spot looked like through time? Who roamed these lands before us? Such thoughts are certain to take you on a voyage of discovery. Well, if you are curious enough.

I happen to visit a few spots in Mexico where the Mayans roamed and flourished during their glorious days. These spots are proof of their expertise in art, architecture, commerce, mathematics and astronomical study. These spots were once the hub of commerce and activity with advanced land and sea routes. These spots have once witnessed the Mayan human sacrifices and other bizarre traditions.

Tulum Ruins

Image Courtesy – Locogringo

So, the first spot we went to was the Tulum ruins. It is located on shores of the Carribean sea, about 5 Km (14 minutes) from Tulum city and about 140 Km (1 hour 45 mins) drive from Cancun, Mexico. We flew to Cancun from Mexico City and took a bus to Tulum. These spots thrive on tourism, hence the local public transport system is very tourist friendly. They also accepted US dollars almost everywhere.


Every Mayan city is built for a specific reason, to fulfill a specific requirement. The city of Tulum is the only city built on the coast becoming the seaport of the Mayan civilization trading several goods like Turquoise, Jade, copper bells, cacao etcetera. Tulum is also one of the only few Mayan cities protected by a limestone wall.