Concrete cobweb

This is a picture of a humongous spider cobweb that some people mistake for a glass dome. The picture was taken at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson airport. Here are my artboard renditions of the picture. Original Photograph (shot on iPhone 7) Edited Photograph (edited on Adobe Lightroom Classic CC) and here are the comparison views     I […]

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New York

New York is my favorite city in the United States of America, I love the vibe, I love the buzz, I love the food and I love how lively the city is even at 3 am. Here is a view of the city through my lens.                   […]

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Cafe for the soul

Some cafes cater to your need for food, some cafes cater to your need for socialization and some cater to your need for amazing Instagram pictures. How often do you go to a cafe to feed your soul? If you live in a city, you would be consciously aware of all the cafes that sprout in […]

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Experiments on the artboard

I am a huge fan of all the Adobe software. Until yesterday I used photoshop to edit all my pictures. Adobe Lightroom is my new discovery. I might be a little late in discovering this, in fact, this ain’t even a discovery, however, I can’t help but flaunt my love for the software. Most of my candid […]

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The Mayan voyage

Have you ever stood at a place, closed your eyes and tried to imagine what the particular spot looked like through time? Who roamed these lands before us? Such thoughts are certain to take you on a voyage of discovery. Well, if you are curious enough. I happen to visit a few spots in Mexico where […]

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