Art attempt #1

I am a big fan of bright wacky colors and loud expression of art. I have always wanted to try my hand at pop art and I have always wanted to create an illustration of myself. So all of these came together in my next art attempt. Check it out and let me know what […]

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Key West

Did you know that Key West is only 4 miles long and 1 mile wide? This small island is home for 26,000 people and some astounding houses including one of Harry S Truman. One of the most popular wedding destinations in the United States also has many other pursuits to offer like scuba diving, snorkeling, […]

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Gatlinburg, Tennessee

“The forest is nice, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost Hello fellow readers, We made a short trip to the Smoky mountains national park during the Memorial day long weekend and happened to witness some of […]

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Project 1 – Chakhle Dilli

I am currently volunteering with United nations online and I am involved in helping NGOs from around the world develop collaterals for marketing, developing content and graphics for their websites etc. Sharing here is the first project that came to me. Chakhle Dilli is an initiative by Butterflies a non – profit organization based out […]

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Culinary experiments on artboard

Hi friends, I am back after a short break. Nah, I have been slacking at bit but I am going to jump right back into this habit. The following are the illustrations I worked on for my art-school application. I am applying for the Master of fine arts program in Advertising. About the illustrations, They […]

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My best half in low poly

This is a post dedicated to my husband. I decided to make him the subject of my art attempt. He has been the best subject so far. So here’s my attempt at low poly art! Let me know what do you think! Here’s the original photograph I based my art on This is a shot […]

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Wakanda Inspired

I live with my husband in Atlanta. We watched Black Panther on the first Sunday after the release. I’ve had all kinds of movie experiences in India from people dancing to throwing sticks and stones at the screen, But never have I ever seen a theatre full of people that looked as enchanting as the visuals […]

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Illustration 101

Mia is my one and half year old, beagle mix rescue puppy. She is currently the love of my life and the center of my attention. Those of you who know me well and follow me on Instagram must’ve figured out how obsessed I am with her and how I cannot seem to stop myself from clicking […]

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2018 Reading Project

I started 2018 with the resolution to read as many books are possible. Usually, all my new year resolutions go down the drain in two-three weeks. But, surprisingly, this one has been on track and god no! I am not forcing it. It has been a fabulous journey so far and I find myself reading […]

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Yea, Periods. I said it. Why don’t we call periods or menstruation by its name? Why do we need a code word to describe a phenomenon that is natural. Why should women use euphemisms to describe their biology? Menstruation stigma is a form of misogyny. Negative taboos condition us to understand menstrual function as something […]

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First Christmas

Memories of the first Christmas in the United States of America is something I will carry with me all through my life. I don’t think any amount of words or phrases can describe the visual glory that it is. Every street, every hangout, every store and most of the homes (even non-christian) are spruced up with Christmas decor. […]

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Life is a Pawty

After six months of having a furry friend at home, I have reasons to believe that one’s life is not really complete without the love and companionship of a dog. Life becomes an unending pawty. Puppy eyes and tail wags become a language of its own and you will slowly find yourself falling in love. […]

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