Raising a reader

The first step to raising a reader is being a reader yourself. When your little one watches you read a book, S/he will mimic it and that really is the first step towards spiking interest in books. I wanted to inculcate reading into my child’s growth and development even before he was born. My baby […]

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2018 Reading wrap up

I began 2018 with resolutions, to read more, to read every day, to read with a sense of purpose. I have been super true to all of the above and grateful that I could add a few more resolutions to the list relating to health and wellbeing midway through 2018. Here’s a wrap up of […]

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2018 Reading Project

I started 2018 with the resolution to read as many books are possible. Usually, all my new year resolutions go down the drain in two-three weeks. But, surprisingly, this one has been on track and god no! I am not forcing it. It has been a fabulous journey so far and I find myself reading […]

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