Sweet home Alabama

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Here are the photographs from our trip to Point Clear, Alabama. We stayed at the Grand Hotel Golf Resort and Spa which was recently added to the Autograph collection.

“Autograph Collection Hotels brings the art of storytelling to life by hand selecting hotels that are rich in craft and character, design, architecture and unexpected back-stories. Created for travelers who approach life like a master class and seek memorable and immersive travel experiences, no two hotels or resorts are the same. Each offers unique perspectives on hospitality, design, and service that leaves an imprint with each stay. Every Autograph Collection hotel celebrates artistry that surprises, inspires and delights and experiences that are exactly like nothing else.” Mariott

It was an absolute delight staying at the resort and we spent most of our time lounging and exploring the various things the place had to offer.

We spent the first day exploring the vast resort grounds and strolling on the lagoon walkways and cycling. This resort is home for a vast variety of flora and fauna and these photographs are proof of that.




We spent the next day by the beach drinking, reading chilling.



On the last day,(a Sunday) we decided to go out and explore Fairhope, Alabama. Though we treated our tummies to some yummy food, Sunday is a bad day to explore the small town. Most of the shops are closed on church day. In the evening, we treated ourselves to dolphin spotting and beautiful sunset hues at the resort. This is my idea of a perfect weekend getaway.




Write to me about your experiences staying in stunning resorts. I would love to add a few to my to go list.




Key West

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Did you know that Key West is only 4 miles long and 1 mile wide? This small island is home for 26,000 people and some astounding houses including one of Harry S Truman.

One of the most popular wedding destinations in the United States also has many other pursuits to offer like scuba diving, snorkeling, exploring coral reefs, paragliding, sailing and other water sports.

If you are a culinary enthusiast like me, then don’t miss the cuban food, Cuban coffee, and key lime pies!

Presenting below, Key West through my lens. Shot on iPhone and edited on Lightroom CC.









Here are the pre and post edit shots. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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“The forest is nice, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost

Hello fellow readers,

We made a short trip to the Smoky mountains national park during the Memorial day long weekend and happened to witness some of the most breathtaking views of the forest. Here are a few photographs I want to share with you all.



These photographs have been edited to create a moody forest vibe. But I do have miles to go before I perfect that. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


The Mayan voyage

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Have you ever stood at a place, closed your eyes and tried to imagine what the particular spot looked like through time? Who roamed these lands before us? Such thoughts are certain to take you on a voyage of discovery. Well, if you are curious enough.

I happen to visit a few spots in Mexico where the Mayans roamed and flourished during their glorious days. These spots are proof of their expertise in art, architecture, commerce, mathematics and astronomical study. These spots were once the hub of commerce and activity with advanced land and sea routes. These spots have once witnessed the Mayan human sacrifices and other bizarre traditions.

Tulum Ruins

Image Courtesy – Locogringo

So, the first spot we went to was the Tulum ruins. It is located on shores of the Carribean sea, about 5 Km (14 minutes) from Tulum city and about 140 Km (1 hour 45 mins) drive from Cancun, Mexico. We flew to Cancun from Mexico City and took a bus to Tulum. These spots thrive on tourism, hence the local public transport system is very tourist friendly. They also accepted US dollars almost everywhere.


Every Mayan city is built for a specific reason, to fulfill a specific requirement. The city of Tulum is the only city built on the coast becoming the seaport of the Mayan civilization trading several goods like Turquoise, Jade, copper bells, cacao etcetera. Tulum is also one of the only few Mayan cities protected by a limestone wall.