Wakanda Inspired


I live with my husband in Atlanta. We watched Black Panther on the first Sunday after the release. I’ve had all kinds of movie experiences in India from people dancing to throwing sticks and stones at the screen, But never have I ever seen a theatre full of people that looked as enchanting as the visuals of the movie.

As you all might already know, this movie garnered a lot of support from the African community. In Atlanta, people from the black community flocked the theatres in large groups to catch the screening of the movie. And Boy! they had all adorned colorful headwraps, traditional African attires, prints, jewelry, and face art. While I enjoyed watching the movie, I was a little upset that I had to return home that day without taking a picture of the theatre (i always go click click click)

This whole incident inspired me to work on a piece that is inspired by the African women and their headwrap. It also inspired to go to Etsy and shop for African fashion 😛

Wakanda 1-01

Wakanda 3-01


Hope you like this. Do you have any art-ideas to share? Let me know in the comments section below!